Construction Project Management

Construction project management implies control over all technical and financial aspects of a construction project, from the initial stage of exploration and elaboration of an idea to the final implementation and obtainment of the use permit.

This perfectly meets the needs of investors who place great importance on professional budget planning and its monitoring and who consider it as a key to success.

Structural Design

Design of load-bearing structures is just one of high-quality services we offer. We have proven our expertise in this field by designing a number of significant and complex structures. This ervice is mostly available in combination with other engineering and consultancy services.

Selection of the right type of the load-bearing structure is a precondition for successful completion of all other construction works.


Supervision of Construction Process

Supervisory services are provided in compliance with legal provisions of the Republic of Croatia. We have independently upgraded and fine-tuned certain aspects of supervision and have thus enhanced this type of service. Our daily presence at the construction site is a guarantee of complete control over the executed works. Our engineers are constantly monitor dynamic plans and report the investor on the conditions and indicate any eventual problems.