Construction Project Management

Construction project management implies control over all technical and financial aspects of a construction project, from the initial stage of exploration and elaboration of an idea to the final implementation and obtainment of the use permit. This perfectly meets the needs of investors who place great importance on
professional budget planning and its monitoring and who consider it as a key to success. This service is designed in a way that allows you to have full control over the project. A number of successfully implemented projects illustrates this fact.

We offer complete construction project management services with or without optional civil engineering and consultancy services adapted to market conditions that include the following:

Our experts for project management are experienced civil engineers with background in implementation of ambitious, large-scale projects.

For instance, one of our employees was the chief engineer at the site of the Arena Shopping Centre: built in 2010, gross area of 180,000m2.
That being said, it is clear that we always try to use the existing experience we have in all new projects that we embark on.

  • creation of analysis-backed conceptual solutions

  • costs analysis in line with the investor’s financial plan

  • coordination of work carried out by all stakeholders (design engineers, reviewers, contractors)

  • preparation and organization of tender for selection of best bidders – contractors

  • assistance in formulation of contractual relations between the investor and contractor in the construction phase

  • organization, management and control of the construction process

  • continuous costs monitoring in line with the investor’s financial plan

  • creation of interim and final statement of accounts for contractors

  • organization and conduction of the technical inspection

  • Handover Process and Obtainment of the Use Permit

We can provide complete services in the following areas of civil engineering: high rise projects; in particular, buildings for tourist, commercial, business and production purposes, sports facilities and residential buildings. Given the complexity of a typical construction project, we firmly believe that
our services cater for all of your needs and guarantee successful implementation and completion of the project.


The image on the right indicates the time frame for a typical construction project in terms of resources employed and used. It emphasises the importance of multi- disciplinary approach in the construction process and illustrates just how significant expert know-how and experience in project management actually is.


In line with all the requirements placed before designers and engineers in the construction phase, we prefer to go through the management process as indicated in this flow chart.


Vukomerec Shopping Facility, Zagreb
gross area: 460 m2
No. of floors: GF + 0

Shopping Centre, Supetar
gross area: 10,000m2
No. of floors: GF + GF +0

SMALL MALL, Garage Centre and Commercial Building Split
gross area: 36,000 m2
No. of floors: -5 + GF + 6

Reconstruction of a structure within the Kika Shopping Centre, Zagreb East
Description: Project Management

Križevci Shopping Centre
gross area: 3,700 m2
No. of floors: GF + 0

Commercial and Hotel Building, Zagreb
gross area: 15,000 m2
No. of floors: -3 + GF + 8

Description of the structure: Reinforced concrete made of RC ceiling slabs and RC walls with excellent performance against seismic forces. One part of RC girders has been prestressed at
a later stage.