A company specialised in civil engineering and consultancy services in construction industry. The company's registered office is in Zagreb.
We mostly focus on engineering and consultancy services with a special emphasis on the following:

  • construction project management (CM) and associated consultancy services

  • design of load-bearing building structures (issuance of proof of structural resistance and stability)

  • supervision of the construction process

Long Experience

Our employees have considerable experience in implementation of a number of significant construction projects in the region so rest assured that you will have successful cooperation with our company. Our knowledge or technical, technological, financial and administrative requirements is a guarantee to investors that we are able to provide a complete service to our clients in the efforts to come up with the best solution for construction options. All the construction processes that we manage shall always fall within the limits of the planned budget and will be implemented within deadlines with no effects on the quality level whatsoever.

The company has managed and finalised a number of successful projects that have
highlighted the importance and effectiveness of our consultancy services and services in civil engineering. All the projects were completed within deadlines and in accordance with the planned budget. Notwithstanding all the potential constraints in terms of time and budget, the quality of our services has never been put in question.

Methods and Procedures

Methods and procedures we apply during the construction process may serve as the best tested example of control and construction project management. Indeed, they may be seen as a role model within the industry. Our experts have knowledge in a range of disciplines. It is precisely this multi-disciplinary approach to projects that ensures best effectiveness in our work. In other words, out employees boast extensive knowledge of load bearing structures, carpentry and construction technology, fire protection mechanisms and systems, layout of installation systems in buildings, other construction-related details and, last but not least, current market trends.

Finally, they are ready to fine tune all the technical requirements and market conditions to meet structural and functional demands in line with the planned budget and other investment criteria. This approach allows the clients who have budgetary criteria in mind and who care about the quality and timely execution of works to have real insight into the ongoing state-of- the-play in terms of construction project. On the other hand, it allows us to exercise full control over the project at all levels and throughout the entire duration of works.

Also, it is worth mentioning that our employees have M.A and Ph degrees in civil engineering. This is an addition guarantee to clients that all the business decisions will be made in a professional and conscientious manner.


Our mission is to raise the level of civil engineering services that we provide to our investors and clients to a highest degree. Our core values are mutual trust and professional business relations that help everyone to achieve the best possible outcomes. Creation of the best tailor-made solution according to the investor’s request and needs in the specified amount brings about positive and pleasant working environment. This is also beneficial for both the investor and our company and helps us to gain new know-how and experience that will be useful for all the other future projects.